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Skyblock: Godless modpack 1.12.2


Skyblock: Godless modpack 1.12.2 for minecraft created by Kreezxil (Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions). It’s beyond the End of the World. The one true GOD returned and decided this time no one was worthy and that he didn’t even have time to burn you in a lake of fire! Instead you recall him saying as he took the Earth away from you, “You think you are better than me? Let’s see what you can create from nothing!”. Apparently, whether you agree or not, the task is up to you.

Single Player World

Multiplayer World

Choose the production server. You will appear on an indestructable platform with signs all around you explaining what to do.


Installing a Skyblock: Godless Modpack from Twitch App

Looking for a modpack on Twitch App? Just released a modpack and want to make sure it’s showing up in the app? No problem, that’s easy! First up, navigate to the Minecraft Tab in Twitch App. From here, click “Browse All Modpacks“, The modpack you are looking for, provided you have the correct name, should be sorted to the top.

Download Links for Skyblock: Godless mod 1.12.2:

Skyblock (3.30 MB) – (98.61 MB)

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