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Minecraft 1.16 snapshot “Nether Update” (new biomes, blocks and ancient debris)

Mojang has rolled out a snapshot for Minecraft’s forthcoming 1.16 Nether Update, and it provides a substantial taste of what’s to come in the sizeable patch. Snapshots are basically test versions of forthcoming updates—to access them you’ll need to enable snapshots in the Minecraft launcher menu.

How to find the new Minecraft ore and make Netherite

(Image credit: Microsoft)

You’ll have to mine ancient debris in the lower depths of the Nether to start using Netherite. You can refine it in a blast furnace to create Netherite scrap and then combine four pieces of Netherite scrap with four gold ingots to make a single Netherite ingot. This stuff ain’t cheap.

Netherite effects

Obviously with a material that’s so dangerous and expensive to gather, you want the risk and cost to be worth it so here’s a quick run down of why you’ll want it.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

You can find the full list of features and changes on the official website, while you can download the snapshot by opening the Minecraft launcher and enabling snapshots in the Installations tab. However, make sure to back up your worlds, because test versions might corrupt them.

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