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Better Minecraft modpack 1.16.5 (forge)

Better Minecraft modpack

Have you ever secretly wished for Minecraft 2 or What Minecraft Should Have Been? If you want to use OptiFine, you may remove the Magnesium Mod entirely, or so they believed.

Better Minecraft FEATURES

How to Play:

6GB recommended allocated RAM | 5GB recommended server RAM | Pre-generate your server to avoid lag!


How to Install Better Minecraft modpack with Minecraft Forge:

  1. Make certain you’ve already installed Minecraft Forge in a significant way.
  2. Choose Your Minecraft Mod Version in General, or so they thought.
  3. Forge is a Minecraft mod that you can download.
  4. Look for the Minecraft Application Folder in a big way.
  5. In a big way, put the Mod You Downloaded in the Mods Folder.

Better Minecraft modpack Download link:

Better Minecraft [FORGE] (25.18 MB)
Better Minecraft Server Pack [FORGE] (716.73 MB)
(Update last Released File on February 11, 2022)

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