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Better Animals Plus Plus mod 1.12.2

Better Animals Plus Plus mod

Better Animals Plus Plus mod

Better Animals Plus Plus is an improved version of the original Better Animals Plus mod, which adds attack animations and significantly enhances A, or so they believed.

The amount of limb swing for animal animations was too high > new version lessens the amount of limb swing.

The bear, wolf, walrus, zotzpyre, boar, and moose formerly lacked attack animations and simply ran at the player. In this update, attack animations have been added to the bear, wolf, walrus, zotzpyre, boar, and moose.


When deer approached the player, they did not flee > this version adds deer fleeing animations (their tail also elevates) and their pathing has been changed.

Larger mobs, especially bears and moose, would frequently spin in circles > this patch fixes the random glitchy mob spinning.

When chasing players on shore, sharks would smash their heads into the sand > this patch fixes the glitchy animation while above water and removes aggro if the player is on land.

In the previous edition, Zotzpyre were not a threat and remained motionless; but, in this version, they are now a threat! Zotzpyre will charge at you and has an extremely intelligent AI. Also, when the player is attached, their camera zooms to third person and then reverts to the original angle when the player dismounts.

Better Animals Plus bats

How to install:

Make sure Minecraft Forge is already installed
Find the folder containing the Minecraft program.

Place the.jar file of the mod you just downloaded into the Mods folder.
The mod should now be installed when you open Minecraft and select the mods icon.

Download links for Better Animals Plus Plus mod:

betteranimalsplusplus 2022.jar (8.93 MB – Update last Released File on January 30, 2022)
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